Wooden Spiral Stairs

Our wooden spiral, straight, helical and combination stairs are hand built by cabinet makers in our workshop. This extremely skilled team can produce a spiral, helical, straight or combi staircase to any design you wish.

Shown below are just a few of the stunning staircase we have built since 1992. We build wooden spiral stairs to any size and in most hardwood timbers.

Wooden scand cast

Wooden Helical Stairs

Our wooden helical staircases are our "top of the range" staircases. These stairs create a sweeping look which gives the illusion of a circular staircase. Each staircase is individually designed and customised by the client and then built by our talented team. There is no standard build for these staircase and no limits for the design.

Wooden Spiral Stairs

Our Solid Timber spiral staircases add a touch of class and elegance to any room. With a vast range of timbers available, from the traditional blonde woods like the Oak and Ash to the darker woods like Sapele, Cherry and Walnut. We have something to offer everyone. These wooden spiral staircases are also bespoke. Made to individual specifications therefore the staircases can be built to suit your own tastes and requirements.

Straight / Combination Wooden Stairs

There are often occasions where a spiral staircase will not fit, but you want something a little bit different to a standard wooden staircase. The answer you need is a combination staircase.

Offering not only top of the range spiral and straight staircases in our hardwood timbers, we can also offer combination stairs.

Combination Stairs are a mixture of a straight stair and spiral or treads to create that wow factor when space is limited or when you want something albeit different from the average staircase.

Built to measure to your specification we help you to create a look to complement any building.

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